You are not alone. 

Struggling with sex and love addiction, marital issues, depression, anxiety, and/or memories of past pain and trauma can be incredibly isolating and lonely.  You might feel hopeless, overwhelmed, and uncertain of a way out of the pain.

At Restored Hope, my role is to be your guide through the process of getting unstuck, engaging painful emotions, and experiencing a more full and vibrant life.  Restored Hope is a Christian faith-based counseling office serving the Ann Arbor area of Michigan.  

one-on-one counseling

When you’re plagued with painful thoughts, memories, or patterns of behavior, you can easily feel isolated, defeated, and alone.  Taking the courageous step of seeking one-on-one counseling can help you learn tools you need to deal with your pain and experience the freedom of a wholehearted life.

sex and love addiction

Sex addiction is a shame-based addiction made worse by numbing and escaping pain with compulsive sex.  For women, sex addiction or addiction to porn carries a huge stigma, as men are more often the focus of treatment.  But there is a way out: a path to healing and freedom available to you.

Couples counseling

Marriage and relationships do not come with a manual and are certainly not perfect. Often the people we are most intimate with can wound us in the deepest ways.  Couples counseling helps you to break through the walls separating you and build a thriving relationship.

group therapy

Wounds often happen in relationships, and therefore they need to be healed in relationship.  Group therapy provides support from other people who are going through the same trials you are, and you have the opportunity to learn how to communicate well with others.


trauma work

Past experiences of abuse, abandonment, or harm of any kind can lodge itself into your brain and affect your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors decades later.  Working through past trauma, whether it happened 2 days ago or 20 years ago, can free you from the destructive thinking patterns that shape your life.

Hi, I’m Elizabeth!  I’m a licensed psychotherapist certified in working with sexual addiction.  I strive to be a champion of hope and your companion through the deep, dark places of your story.  I help people who have been devastated by the impact of compulsive sexual behaviors or relationships on their own lives or the lives of their spouses.  You may feel buried under the weight of shame and secrecy.  I get it: the feeling of powerlessness, feeling enslaved to the relationship or the behaviors, the mood swings, the hopelessness, the constantly trying to find a way out and failing over and over again. I want to empower you to know you are not alone, you don’t have to live under the thumb of addictive patterns, and you can experience freedom from the burden of shame and the experience of sex and love addiction that rules your life.


Elizabeth Jackson Van Sickel

Elizabeth Jackson Van Sickel

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